L'ossobuco con risotto alla milanese

The preparation of ossobuco It requires a certain attention both to the choice of ingredients, both for cooking, notoriously slow: the end result is a plate simply exquisite. The same name of the dish, made from fairly thick slices of shank (or shin), preferably the rear, calf, emphasizes the importance of the bone and still more of the "hole" for the success of the preparation. The "hole" is filled with bone marrow which, melts during cooking, gives the right consistency to the sauce (the "gremolada" obtained by mixing the lemon zest, rosemary, garlic and parsley) and enhances the tenderness of the meat. It seems that the cord, long ago, was considered a real delicacy reserved only for the elite few London clubs where a ritual planned to extract it from the shanks with a silver spoon and then enjoy it appropriate after having spread on a slice of bread toasted. However, its consumption is usually done in a less ceremonious, but more directed to enhance flavor combining it with other dishes: for example, a dish typical of Milan is the famous yellow risotto with osso buco. Also according to the Milanese tradition the remaining marrow is extracted from its cavity with a special spoon, ironically called tax agent or tax collector. A common variant of the recipe is the addition of ham or bacon in pan, less frequently adding cipolla.In newer versions in gremolada sometimes replace the rosemary and garlic with sage, marjoram and even with anchovy fillet.

To Start

Artichoke salad, parmesan and lemon citronette
€ 19.50 (7)
Shrimp catalan salad, basil and season vegetables
€ 20.50 (4-2)
Braised octopus, cabbage and topinambur cream
€ 22.50 (4)
Fassona carpaccio, artichokes and parmesan cheese
€ 26.50 (7)
Tartare of tomato, avocado and pomegranate
€ 19.50 (1-3-7-9)
Selection of prosciutto ham and salami:
San Daniele, Montalcino sirloin, Mariola salami, tip of the hip bresaola € 26.50 (1)

Pasta & Risotto

Cavalier Cocco penne with bolognese ragu sauce
€ 20.50 (1-7-9)
“candy” stuffed with suckling pig, cabbage and melted butter with hazelnuts
€ 20.50 (1-3-7-9)
Cavalier Cocco spaghetti with tomato sauce, ricotta and lemon
€ 20.50 (1-7)
Linguine with mussels, turnip greens and fresh chilli
€ 19.50 (1-4)
Tortellone stuffed with Milanese risotto Don Lisander and veal marrow
€ 20.50 (1-3-7-9)
homemade vegetable soup
€ 18.50 (1-9)


Veal cheek with Barolo and polenta taragna
€ 28.00 (1-7-9)
Crisp cockerel with vegetables
€ 28.00 (1-9)
Filet of veal cooked at low temperature, seared kale and beetroot
€ 30.00 (1-9-12)
Beef tenderloin with artichokes and thyme
€ 33.00 (1-9)
Angus beef with rucola and parmesan
€ 30.00 (7)


Filet of bream with fresh vegetables
€ 28.00 (4-9)
Cod in panko breadcrumbs, broccoli and red potatoes
€ 34.00 (1-3-4-8)
Salmon steak with herbs and sautéed potatoes with butter
€ 26.00 (1-4-7)
Prawn curry with rice
€ 30.00 (2-7-9)

Traditional Dishes

Veal with tuna sauce
€ 19.50 (1-3-4-7)
Veal liver pate with truffles, brioche and red onion marmalade
€ 21.50 (1-7)
Buffalo mozzarella caprese with Cetara anchovies
€ 24.50 (4-7)
First Courses
Risotto milanese "Don Lisander"
€ 20.50 (1-3-7-9)
Homemade pasta tortelli with ricotta and spinach
€ 20.50 (1-3-7-8-9)
Onion soup in parmesan crust
€ 16,50 (1-7-9)
Second Dishes
Veal cutlet Milanese
€28.00 (1-7)
Ossobuco with saffron risotto
€30.00 (9-1-3-7)
Steamed vegetables
Season salads
Special "hooked" Fish
Fresh Fish of the day
€ 8.50 x 100 g min. 2 people
(cooking choice: baked, salt, Sicilian, Livornese or Don Lisander)
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